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Suri Graphix

About Us .

Our Printing and Packaging projects are always the best in the show.
With a wealth of experience in multiple packaging projects, Suri Graphix is an award-winning Quality Printing and Packaging Company at Est. 2009 in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu.

Coming at every project with fresh thinking, right from the product development stage to ideating a new innovative structure or simply transforming an old one, we collaborate with the clients at every step of the way.

With the right types of machinery for manufacturing and printing paper bags, folding cartons and rigid boxes, we take on projects small and large, local and global, for clients who are looking to express the personality of their products through packaging design.


From our material offerings, to how we ship, to the facilities we use, it all utilizes the latest eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Our digital printing technologies are, by nature, more sustainable than traditional printing methods and offer a way forward toward clean, efficient, profitable manufacturing.


Made with renewable natural resources

printing methods

Innovative and environmentally safe manufacturing methods